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Formed in 1989, Five Rivers provide therapeutically informed practice. A place where children and young people can recover from experiences of abuse, neglect, family breakdown and trauma.  Their Mission is to make a positive and lasting difference through first rate care, ensuring that every vulnerable child and young person can grow, flourish, fulfil their potential and to find the right placement for them, first time.

Over the past 27 years they have developed fundamental services, each of which are principle-based and remain embedded within a complete range of ‘High-Impact Sector Leading Children’s Services’.  Five Rivers treat each other with Respect, Honesty and Integrity and expect this to be reflected in their relationships with children, their families, colleagues and external agencies.

They are a leading independent, Social Enterprise that works with ‘Looked-after Children’ who are in need of specialist placements throughout England and Ireland.  Being a Social Enterprise means that Five Rivers care passionately about creating positive social impacts. They are child-centred, adaptable and innovative in how services are designed.

Five Rivers promote a strong, pragmatic philosophy, shared by all of professionals and experienced staff that each child or young person is an individual in their own right, with their own unique reactions to trauma.

They strive to ensure that the children and young people they work alongside have access to the right programmes to enhance the delivery of psychological well-being. Thereby offering a needs-led placement programme with endless choices during the care planning process.

Five Rivers offer the following services:

Five Rivers are also seeing to fill a number of job vacancies:


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