Safeguarding adults protocol for preventing pressure ulcers

[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Lyn Romeo, Chief Social Worker for Adults has published a new safeguarding adults protocol for preventing pressure ulcers.

This guidance has been created with the aim of assisting practitioners and managers across health and care organisations to provide caring, speedy and appropriate responses to individuals at risk of developing pressure ulcers. Prevention of pressure ulcers is not only ideal but, in most cases, perfectly possible. Taking a proactive approach will reduce harm to individuals and secure efficiencies to the wider health and social care system.

For social care practitioners and social workers, their close involvement in the lives of families and individuals makes them well placed to identify risk.

In a guest blog for the Social Care News,  Lyn said: “Pressure ulcers are truly dreadful for those who experience them – and distressing too for their families, friends and carers. The damage cannot be over-stated and they continue to be a major challenge for health and care practitioners across sectors. Some localities have done amazing work to reduce or eliminate pressure ulcers in hospital and care home settings – I sincerely applaud this. I’m sure you’ll agree these demonstrations of best practice need to be replicated across the country – particularly in community and home-based settings.

Most pressure ulcers are, in fact, preventable. But to prevent them we need to ensure that all health and care professionals (including social workers) involved in the planning, commissioning and delivering of health and social care can spot the risks and take appropriate speedy action. As social workers, we are professionally and empathically attuned to the physical and psychological state of those we seek to help. This protocol, though, is relevant to all health and care professionals working with adults. Please use it and together we can deliver timely, preventative and dignified care to those who need it most.”

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