Service Spotlight: Nellie Supports Adult Social Care


This week sees the launch of Nellie Supports, the new, simple independent and modern approach to adult social care in the UK.

Nellie works across two brands, Nellie Supports The Community and Nellie Supports Business allowing us to help and supports individuals, communities and business. We specialise in adult care assessments, brokerage services and employee mental wellbeing.

Nellie hopes to have a large social impact, working with the public,  business and 3rd sector organisations to create and implement strategies to improve adult social care and employee wellbeing whilst reducing social isolation within communities for adults of all ages.

Nellie’s Managing Director , Ben Slater (BSc), states “Since 2001 new Social Workers have been required to be trained to degree level with an emphasis on critical thinking and analysis. Social Work education is generic covering the entire life cycle from birth to palliative care. As a Social Worker and a business owner I want to make a difference and give people a real choice.”

Nellie supports The Community helps those individuals and families who struggle to access adult social care support from their Local Authority due to being above the financial threshold of £23,250 outlined in the Care Act (2014); (this can be savings, assets or income). Nellie helps and supports by providing efficient, ethically-priced adult social care assessment and brokerage services that are comparable to Local Authority charges.

Ben explains “Social Work co-operation with business allows for business to access knowledge and skills to create both a preventative and a reactionary service within their business” To this end Nellie Supports Business works with businesses to improve the mental wellbeing of employees, by providing advice, support and services to meet the specific standards outlined in the ‘Thriving at work’ report (2017).

Acting as a preventative service Nellie Supports has the potential to reduce pressures on public sector waiting lists by offering preventative services coupled with Nellie’s mission to create a positive social impact on the communities it works within. Nellie will achieve this by providing efficient, ethically priced services to individuals, supporting communities by reducing social isolation for adults of all ages and promoting and helping business implement positive mental wellbeing practices within the work place.

Nellie – the simple, fast, independent modern approach to adult social care for individuals, communities and business.[/vc_column_text][vc_single_image image=”1883″ img_size=”medium” alignment=”center”][vc_cta h2=”Contact Details” txt_align=”center”]


Telephone: 0800 030 6922


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