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Coventry City Council are seeking enthusiastic and dynamic Newly Qualified Social Workers to be part of our Social Work Academy. Coventry’s Social Work Academy will upskill Newly Qualified Social Workers from the start of their professional careers to be confident in the work they deliver, with the reassurance that within the high levels of challenge, there is a highly supportive network and framework around them to enable them to do their job well!

What is the Social Work Academy (SWA)?

In Coventry we know it is absolutely crucial for our social workers to have continuous professional development – so we have developed the Coventry Social Work Academy. Its main function is supporting social worker progression and development for professionals at every stage of social workers’ careers. The Academy offer is therefore available to all those who work within Coventry Children’s Services from Newly Qualified Social Workers, Children’s Social Workers, Practice Educators, Advanced Practitioners, Senior Practitioners and Managers. There is specifically tailored support provided to social work students who come into the profession from various routes including the traditional university route, Frontline and Step Up to Social Work. This support is strengthened through our link with the West Midlands Teaching Partnerships promoting links between theory, research and practice.

For Newly Qualified Social Workers (NQSW)

The Academy offers social workers who are newly qualified a positive and strong induction into statutory children’s social work, promoting the development in the quality, consistency and effectiveness of social work practice to ensure that children’s outcomes are positive. We want NQSWs to become confident in the work they deliver through a combination of the high levels of challenge and a highly supportive network around them to enable them to do their job well! NQSWs will feel valued and part of Coventry Children’s Services, with 6 months based within the Academy while spending time with host teams, shadowing practice and developing a good understanding of the practice realities in Coventry. The learning environment of the Academy will afford NQSWs high levels of supervision, particularly at the early stages, and an individual development plan during their Assessed and Supported Year in Employment (ASYE). Newly Qualified Social Workers will also be able to connect with the West Midlands Teaching Partnership, Research in Practice, and receive coaching, mentoring and support through the Social Work Academy Team in order to assist them in their transition from student to professional practice. On our ASYE programme there are 24 academy places available with two entry points during the year. NQSWs will be supported over their ASYE with dedicated time in the Academy with the experienced team, joint working with other social workers and outreach from the Academy’s Professional Practice Educators when NQSWs transition into their teams. NQSWs will be able to express an interest in the team that they would like to transition into. The year will be exciting with a new and revolutionary approach to learning and development which includes ‘walk through scenarios’, simulation exercises and virtual reality headsets so that NQSW will be able to connect better with the experiences of the children and families that they work with.

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See the full details of Coventry’s Social Work Academy, social work jobs and benefits.

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