Advanced Child Exploitation Training (ACE)

Would you like to improve your knowledge about county lines, CSE and radicalisation? Our two-day course is delivered by experts with a wealth of knowledge and first-hand experience in their fields.  For the month of October we are offering a £100 discount from our Advanced Child Exploitation (ACE) Training. Find out how the ACE training could improve your professional practice.

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4th & 5th November


10th & 11th December

County Lines and Criminal Exploitation

Learn about the immersive world of county lines from both sides. St Giles Trust presents lived experience of ex-gang members who were exploited and criminalised as children, and Tony Saggers, former Head of Drugs at the National Crime Agency, who was responsible for disrupting and convicting gangs. Tony has over 30 years’ experience in the police and has witnessed the evolution of county lines operations.

Find out how children are being criminally exploited across the UK, the characteristics of county lines operations and how gangs can swiftly adapt their tactics to remain ahead of police.

St Giles Trust believes passionately in peer to peer interventions, raising awareness for young people at risk of being criminally exploited. By talking about the harsh realities of prison and demystifying the glamorised image of gangs, they seek to reduce the number of young people who are drawn into criminal exploitation. They present case studies of children from very different backgrounds and life experiences who have been groomed into gangs. Learn the lingo and how to decode text messages.

 “Using children as a method of getting drugs to market is the most sinister and exploitative of tactics.” – Tony Saggers

Tony will present the national scope of county lines operations and how they are changing. Hear how children with no criminal record or contact with the police are being deliberately targeted and groomed. Understand the important roles schools can play in raising awareness and identifying signs of grooming or criminal exploitation.

Child Sexual Exploitation

Lindsay Dalton, Head of Training at Pace, currently oversees the work of CSE parent liaison officers across six multi-agency teams. Lindsay explores the impact of victim blaming and how this manifests itself as an unconscious bias in the way parents and victims are often treated by services. Lindsay presents an alternative model to the grooming line which changes the focus from what the young person is doing to the actions of the perpetrator. This model helps parents and professionals become more aware that grooming can happen in a multitude of different ways.

Contextual Safeguarding

Armed with a wealth of knowledge in current legislation, which her liaison officers deploy in their multi-agency teams, Lindsay shares her toolkit of disruption tactics. Critical to disruption is an understanding of contextual safeguarding and how adopting a holistic approach can help to reduce risk.

Trauma-informed Practice

Lindsay presents the physiological changes that happen in the brain as a result of trauma, and how those changes can significantly impact a person’s ability to recall information and remember events. How different forms of trauma can be experienced and presented by family members affected by CSE is also explored to improve how we support affected families.

Radicalisation and Counter Terrorism

Jangeer Kayani and Bob Spencer have 60 years of policing experience between them, most recently Jangeer as a Detective Inspector on Prevent and Channel, and Bob as a Prevent Co-ordinator. Jangeer and Bob give an overview of the different forms of terrorism across the UK and what procedures are in place to identify risk, make referrals and combat radicalisation. A real-life case study is presented, to explore how a fast-paced Channel planning team assemble, co-ordinate and approach prevention.

“Brilliant delivery. Engaging and powerful as these trainers have life experience.” – CSE Health Practitioner, 2019

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