Communicating with Children

Good communication is central to working with children, young people, their families and carers. It involves listening, questioning, understanding and responding to what is being communicated by children, young people and those caring for them.

Seven reasons to become a social worker

If you want an in-demand career that lets you make a real difference in the world, there’s never been a better time to become a social worker. If you need a little persuasion, here are seven reasons why you should join.

Communication in Social Care

In health and social care, communication is ultimately the bedrock of everything that we do. We know that communication is essential. It provides us with the opportunity to ensure that our actions are in line with the individual’s needs and wishes and that their agency and autonomy are being respected.

Better Investment in Lone Work Required for Social Workers.

A survey, conducted with over 200 Social Workers, has highlighted the increasingly apparent problems surrounding arrangements in which staff are expected to work alone. The survey also draws particular attention to visitation safety, training practices, and managerial responsibility.

Five Key Tips for Working on CSE Cases.

To maintain open dialogue with the child or young person is crucial in developing the positive relationship that may be key to breaking the cycle of abuse. Be prepared to give time; time that may challenge Service expectations and norm. This relationship, trust and communication cannot be underestimated.

The Importance of a Good Student Social Work Placement.

my placement has brought me out of my comfort zone and really made me examine areas which, left to my own devices, I probably wouldn’t have. It forced me to look at my emotions around that and recognise some useful traits about myself.