Listening and Building Rapport Toolkit


This is a great direct resource toolkit to promote and enhance listening and to build rapport and engagement with children.


The aims of this toolkit are to improve the practitioner’s capacity to:

  • Establish rapport;
  • Provide a clear introduction using child-appropriate methods of communication, on their name, role, aims of the intervention and what will happen next;
  • Develop an ongoing professional relationship built on the child’s understanding of the professional’s role and what to expect from them;
  • Capture information on the child’s perspective  of their ‘lived world’;
  • Establish the child’s wishes and feelings;


  • Magnetic Board
  • 2X Sets of Magnetic Illustrated pictures (10 in each set)
  • Magnetic Game
  • Paper sticker pictures (70 stickers)
  • 2 pieces of magnetic paper
  • Lived World Illustrated House (3 Cards)
  • ‘Hello! I Am’ Introduction Story Book
  • Self-Esteem Story book

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