The Social Worker’s Guide to the Care Act 2014

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This book will help social workers gain a comprehensive understanding of how to achieve best practice in applying the Care Act 2014.

By: Pete Feldon

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The Care Act 2014 is arguably the most significant piece of legislation for social workers who work with adults, since the NHS and Community Care Act 1990. The intention of this book is to present the information from the act, regulations and statutory guidance in a way that provides social workers with a good understanding of the legislation and how it applies to their role. Making extensive use of case examples that derive from the author’s experience as a social worker, the book highlights the circumstances where professional judgment is required and explores issues that need interpretation such as significant impact on wellbeing.

It covers the key stages of the ‘care and support journey’ – first contact, assessment of needs, prevention, consideration of eligibility, charging and financial assessment, care and support planning, and review. In addition, other chapters look at significant issues such as safeguarding and working with NHS colleagues.

This book is intended to contribute to improving the ‘legal literacy’ of social workers, i.e. the connecting of legal rules with professional priorities and ethical practice. The approach used aims to help social workers to better understand the legal framework within which they make professional judgements, and to apply their expertise in interpreting the law for the benefit of people with care and support needs.

The core aims are to provide the following:

  1. a solid foundation for social work students in developing a critical understanding of the Care Act and its application,
  2. the material to help experienced social workers with developing the critical reflection necessary to enhance their ability to make professional judgements
  3. a source of reference which social workers can use to evaluate their local systems, policies and procedures.

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